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Bringing Local Control and Affordable Rates to our Residents and Businesses

In 2024, the Boscawen Town Meeting adopted the Boscawen Community Power Plan.

We are now putting that plan to action to create short- and long-term benefits for our energy users.


To contact customer service, call 1-866-603-7697 (POWR)

How Community Power Works

Boscawen Community Power combines the buying power of residents and businesses so that together we can achieve competitively priced electricity.​ Customers are always free to choose to buy power from Eversource, Unitil, or another market option, by submitting notice in advance of their next utility meter read date.

By accessing the power market, we can control price volatility and choose which energy sources to buy or build.


Boscawen Community Power purchases electricity from the sources you choose.


Eversource or Unitil delivers the electricity using the same power line infrastructure and billing mechanisms.


Boscawen Energy Customers save money and have the power to choose new rates and products, and how much electricity comes from renewable sources.

Electricity markets are changing. Customers are generating their own power and adopting new technologies that add value to our energy portfolio.

Boscawen Community Power will harness that value, and empower customers to create a more innovative and cost-effective energy future.

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page to learn more.

Electricity Supply Choices

Energy users in Boscawen can select which energy choice works best for them.

Use the portal or call us at 1-866-603-POWR to choose your power option, or to opt out, and have your utility account number handy so we can easily process your selection.

February 1, 2024 - July 31, 2024

Residential, General Service, Outdoor Lighting

Eversource.Unitil GRANITE BASIC. resi.png

*Based on usage of 650 kWh per month

Mid-sized Commercial Customers 

Community Power Rates for Eversource mid-sized commercial customers (Class GV), click here

Community Power Rates for Unitil variable monthly supply , click here

View the Environmental Disclosure Label for the electricity we provide to customers.

Why Customers Choose Community Power

Choices, Tamworth
Tamworth Exceptions to Automatic Enrollment

Our energy supply rate is lower than the distribution utilities' supply rates.


You have the option to buy renewable and carbon free power.


We are designed to enable member towns to develop innovative local energy projects and programs.


You have a say in what your energy future will look like.

Community Representation

Boscawen joined dozens of other New Hampshire cities and towns to create our own locally accountable nonprofit power agency — Community Power Coalition of New Hampshire.

As a Member of the nonprofit, the Town of Boscawen has a say in the Coalition's governance and finance decisions

Charlie Niebling
Member Representative 
Community Power Coalition of New Hampshire
Boscawen Energy Committee, Chair
Ed Cherian
Member Representative 
Community Power Coalition of New Hampshire
Boscawen Energy Committee
Coalition, Tamwoth
Screenshot 2024-04-19 103731.png


Through the Coalition, we tap into the advanced expertise to give customers the highest quality service, and the collective leadership required to drive important policy reforms at the state level.

Together, we are leading the way towards a more innovative and resilient energy system for the Granite State.

Contact Center

Reach out to our Contact Center to opt-in, opt-out, opt-up to cleaner power, or with any other questions or comments you may have:

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