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Electricity Choices

Eversource Mid-sized Commercial Customers on Granite Basic 

The table below shows our Community Power monthly variable rates for Primary General Service customers (Class GV) enrolled into Granite Basic compared to Eversource's supply rate in ¢ per kWh:

Screen Shot 2023-06-30 at 7.21.27 PM.png

Mid-sized commercial customers (Class GV) can also pay an additional 0.4¢ / kWh, 1.1¢ / kWh or 3.3¢ / kWh to opt-up to Granite Plus, Clean 50, or Clean 100.

Note that variable rates shown for Eversource are charged by the utility based on the amount of electricity you use within each calendar month, whereas variable rates for Community Power are charged starting on the date within each month when Eversource reads your electricity meter.

For example, you would be charged the Community Power rate shown for “July” for usage during the period between when Eversource reads your meter in July until the utility closes your billing cycle by reading your meter again about one month later. Refer to our FAQs for more details. 

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