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Exceptions to Automatic Enrollment

The following additional customer types and rate classes will not be automatically enrolled in Community Power but may request to opt-in online or by phone:

  • Customers on certain optional service rates including electric vehicle and time-of-day rates

  • Net metering, group net metering, and time-of-day pilot net metering customers

  • Primary Ski Service customers

  • Unmetered outdoor lighting service accounts.

  • Customers buying electricity from a third-party supplier.

  • Net Metered customers.

  • For customers in Eversource's territory: Large General Service, Backup Service, and Commercial & Industrial electric vehicle charging station customers (Rate Classes LG, B EV-2).

  • For customers in Liberty Utilities' territory: customers on a three-part Time-of-Use rate (Rate Classes D11, D12, EV, EV-M and EV-L customers).

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